LANDMARKS: New album!

Please see STORE page. LANDMARKS as a record is a work of art. In a world that no longer values "album projects" but wants quick and easy to digest song snippets and singles, it's been a labor of love. Helene Cronin and Matt King spent a year and a half crafting it and the hard work shows. Helene thinks of herself as a story-singer. Perhaps the Americana genre is the best fit.

Landmarks is the follow-up to Helene's 2019 critically acclaimed debut OLD GHOSTS & LOST CAUSES. While it has a similar vulnerability, it's heavier in terms of feel, topics and production. It includes her signature "life wisdom" songs. It asks questions, but gives few straightforward answers. Helene doesn't like to spoon-feed listeners. If the album feels more grown-up in content, it's because she's grown as an artist, stepping confidently into a role that requires her to be fearless about what she writes and sings about.