Helene Cronin is a Texas artist who spent most of 2019 working on a new full-length record, produced by Matt King. OLD GHOSTS & LOST CAUSES was released to high praise on Oct. 11, 2019. This comes right on the heels of being named a 2018 New Folk Winner at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. Helene considers her writing style a merger between Americana and Country. Perhaps best described simply as an acoustic storyteller, she's sometimes compared to Lori McKenna, Brandy Clark, and writers like Travis Meadows and Rodney Crowell. But her sound is uniquely her own. Audiences are drawn to her intimate, personal performances and call her raw, honest and vulnerable, saying, "her songs make me think".

A recent review from Melissa Clarke of Americana Highways says of her new album: "In a world of love songs, Helene Cronin’s songwriting takes unpredictable turns we can all relate to. In an already rich songwriting landscape, Cronin creates utterly fresh perspectives that are immediately familiar at the same time on Old Ghosts & Lost Causes." Another reviewer called her music "inexplicably fierce...while remaining remarkably tender and accessible." Scroll down for additional current reviews of OLD GHOSTS & LOST CAUSES!

Her most well-known song "Lucky Me" is based on a conversation with a soldier in the airport and has over 132,000 views on YouTube. It has led to appearances on national TV, for Medal of Honor events and many other military functions. In addition to being a performing songwriter, Helene spends time in Nashville where she co-writes, plays shows, and records. Helene's earlier EPs BELONG TO THE RIVER and RESTLESS HEART are available on streaming services, and her STORE page.

Helene hosts rounds at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe and performs for coffeehouses, festivals and songwriter events. She especially loves house concerts, finding that a living room or back yard is the ideal environment for connecting with people in an intimate listening-room setting.

In fact, connecting with people through the emotion of music, finding grace in the chaos of life, these are the things that motivate Helene to continue writing and pursuing the musical life that began when she first borrowed her brother's guitar and taught herself a few chords.

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Link to interview about "OLD GHOSTS & LOST CAUSES"  Kelly's Country Blog



Review by Americana Highways
"As some already know, HC’s vivid lyrical abilities are without question. She’s like Leonard Cohen — writes with a good editing pen & produces tight, original, tales then adds an invigorating melody." - John Apice

Review by Elmore Magazine  
"There’s some of Gretchen Peters’ darkness and incisive poetry in Helene Cronin’s terrific debut, and that alone should be more than enough for singer-songwriter fans to give Cronin their attention. Cronin is a wordsmith who pulls no punches. Some songs may make you uncomfortable but leave you marveling at her songwriting just the same." - Jim Hynes

Americana Highways: Premiere of "Careless With a Heart"  
"In a world of love songs, Helene Cronin’s songwriting takes unpredictable turns we can all relate to.  In an already rich songwriting landscape, Cronin creates utterly fresh perspectives that are immediately familiar at the same time on Old Ghosts & Lost Causes." - Melissa Clarke

Review by Midwest Record  
"Certainly a dark album, it's one of those ones that finds beauty in pain and leaves you changed when it gets done with you. Finally making her first full length set, the wait has been worth it when old chunks of coal turn out like diamonds like this." - Chris Spector

New Album Reviews - Lonesome Highway
Helene Cronin, after a couple of EPs has released this full length album and with her songwriting and vocal talent has made it one to note. She and producer King can feel the they have achieved something special here that is worthy of the talents of all involved.

Review by "The Country Angel" Kelly's Country  
"There are a lot of folks who claim to be songwriters. Some are awesome at their craft, while others can write lyrics but lack  a soul. Helene Cronin has both (and then some), melding lyrics and heart into something magical."  - Kelly Henkins

Review by Don & Sheryl's Blues Blog
"It’s Helene’s deep emotion and honesty that grabs you in this collection." - Don Crow


Helene Cronin can flat out spin a lyric. Her ability to crawl within a subject and pull a story or emotion out the other end is what makes her a brilliant songwriter. Those writing chops delivered with those earthy vocals have made her one of the best artists I’ve heard in a long time. - Terri Hendrix, Performing Songwriter/Artist

I like songs that tell the truth. Helene Cronin's songs do just that. Helene delivers her songs with sheer soul. She invites you into her world and it's a great listen. - Lloyd Maines, Music Producer and Musician.

Helene is a master of words who writes and sings straight from the heart. Each song is a handcrafted mini-movie. - Zane Williams, Texas Artist

Old Ghosts and Lost Causes is easily one of my favorite records in a very long time! It moves me to my core, thanks to Helene's masterful storytelling, her honest vocals and tasty guitar voicings and grooves. She is a modern day Guy Clark possessing the power to transport your imagination - or your soul, from your everyday goings-on, to twists of emotions that will churn the very marrow in your bones. She is a beautiful poet, who, matched with Matt King's keen ear, together have made a stunning body of work here. Helene is as authentic as it gets...and if you're into that kind of music, well...you'd be a fool not to buy this record! - Heidi Newfield, artist


"If you love songs that you can't get out of your head not only because of the cool feel but the lyrics that make you think, you will love this new release by Helene Cronin!"

"The lyrics have such depth and relativity to the listener. She's a hidden treasure just waiting to be found. I love her messages within the songs."

"A refreshing and inspiring set of tunes. I guarantee after you preview the songs you will own the whole set. More, please Helene!"

"This CD made me laugh and cry numerous times! Helene is a talented and inspiring songwriter with such a unique ability to put emotions into the songs she writes."

"This CD will rest your restless heart. These songs tell stories that bring tears to your eyes and make you smile. Gifted songwriter, keep them coming!"

"Stunning song that's sung so well it hurts." (Re: Belong to the River)

"Helene has a way of reaching right into your heart and delicately pulling out a tear with her honest lyric and authentic vocal style. I dare you to leave a Helene Cronin show without something to think about and music you want to share with everyone you love."