Helene Cronin was 13 years old when she first "borrowed" her older brother's guitar and began teaching herself how to play. Coming from a highly creative, artistic and musical family, that guitar sparked a journey that took her beyond piano lessons and music theory into a passion for words and song creation. Now she is a singer/songwriter who splits her time between Texas and Tennessee.

One reviewer called her music "inexplicably fierce...while remaining remarkably tender and accessible." Others call her "raw", "honest", "vulnerable" and often say, "your songs make me think". Audiences are drawn in by her intimate, personal performances.

Helene's musical style draws from elements of both Americana and Country; she is perhaps best described as an acoustic storyteller. While her songwriting has been compared to Lori McKenna, Rodney Crowell and Mary Chapin Carpenter, her sound is uniquely her own. Currently, Helene is signed to an exclusive publishing deal with Debbie Z Entertainment in Nashville and writes for the commercial Country market.

Helene hosts shows at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe and performs in the Dallas area at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, Poor David's Pub, Love and War in Plano, and Opening Bell Coffee. She has opened for Chris Hillman (Byrds) and Kathy Mattea. Her latest interest has been booking house concerts because of the built-in potential of a living room to promote a meaningful listening experience. Contact Helene for more information. See EVENTS page for info on her gigs!

Her most well-known work is the song "Lucky Me", which she wrote after talking with a soldier in the Nashville airport. When it became apparent how the song impacted those who heard it, a video was posted to YouTube. The power of the video led to an appearance on the Mike Huckabee Show in front of a national audience. She has performed "Lucky Me" for military events, for American Airlines Veterans Initiatives programs, the Veterans Housing Crisis Center of Dallas, the USO, the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans. A highlight was the opportunity to perform the song for the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Medal Of Honor in front of an audience of 15,000, including 65 Medal of Honor recipients, receiving a standing ovation. Helene plays "Lucky Me" often, to say thank you to our veterans, current service members and their families.

Helene has released 2 recent EPs, "Belong to the River" and "Restless Heart". She is beginning work on a full length project slated for 2018. Her music can be ordered right here on the STORE  page. It is also available on CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/HeleneCronin or iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/helene-cronin/id256861996.

Connecting with people through the emotion of music, expressing truth, finding grace in the chaos of life, these are the things that motivate Helene to continue writing and releasing new songs.


REVIEW of Restless Heart CD, BuddyHollywood:   www.buddyhollywood.com/restless-heart-rocks/

LISTENER REVIEWS from iTunes and CDBaby:

"If you love songs that you can't get out of your head not only because of the cool feel but the lyrics that make you think, you will love this new release by Helene Cronin!"

"The lyrics have such depth and relativity to the listener. She's a hidden treasure just waiting to be found. I love her messages within the songs."

"A refreshing and inspiring set of tunes. I guarantee after you preview the songs you will own the whole set. More, please Helene!"

"This CD made me laugh and cry numerous times! Helene is a talented and inspiring songwriter with such a unique ability to put emotions into the songs she writes."

"This CD will rest your restless heart. These songs tell stories that bring tears to your eyes and make you smile. Gifted songwriter, keep them coming!"

"Stunning song that's sung so well it hurts." (Re: Belong to the River)